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    Can I have a wordpress page with 2 tabs, one for blogging in english, 1 for blogging in another language.
    Now my blogs in 2 languages are mixed up. Would like a cleaner look.

    The blog I need help with is


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    No, you have only one dynamic front page per blog where your posts are published.

    You can set up 2 blogs, one for each language and use a custom menu to link the two of them together.

    Or use categories to separate your posts between the 2 languages and use a custom menu so your readers can choose which set of posts they want to see.



    Thanks a lot. It’s all very confusing, Ive changed a little something now, which is not exactly what I am looking for but I need to read it all quietly when I have more time.
    Thanks for the reply, I got some good pointers.


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    Best wishes to you:
    One way to experiment with new techniques is to set up a test blog which you keep private so only you will see it while you learn-by-doing. Then when you understand something, for example how to make a custom menu, you can apply it to your “live” blogs.

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