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    I would like to do my blog bilingue, a spanish version and an english version.
    What would be the best option : create two blogs and link them ? Or is there something simpler to do ?

    Thanks for your answers.

    The blog I need help with is



    Two blogs is a good option, I think.
    Two entries, one in each language, for each article, also translated by yourself, is another good option.
    Or you can use the tip of Google translation, that would be the worst choice if you are bilingual (or triligual, with runa simi? … ;-)



    You can only use one langauage setting on your blog here > Settings > General
    I agree and think creating two blogs and linking them is the way to go if you want to blog in both languages.

    If you feel you would be stafisfied with blogging in a single language and providing a translation widget for your readers then please see here. >



    @ timethief: I was too lazy to search for your post :-)



    I shall remember that … lol :D just kidding. ;)


    Thanks for your advices. I will then do 3 blogs (spanish, french, and english) that i will translate myself.
    Other question : how can i do to transfer the first blog to the others, to only have to translate the text and not do the all work again (pages, entryes, photos…etc) ?



    You should use the Export and Import tools (Dashboard -> Tools -> Export). Then Import the XML file in the second, and third, blog,
    This will be easier if you use the same theme in all blogs.

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