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  1. i just received an email that said i was going to be automatically upgraded to a package that was going to cost $99, but i wasn't aware i was paying anything for any services. i am concerned about being billed when i wasn't supposed to be. could you please confirm that i am not being billed for anything. thanks.
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  2. Please see:
    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades
    Dashboard > Store > Billing History

    If you wish to contact Staff about the charges you see on your statement, please use this form (which works even when the main contact form is closed):

    You can disable auto-renew here > Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades > Disable auto-renew

    See here for canceling a bundle purchase > Canceling a Bundle >

  3. thanks for getting back to me. have i been getting billed for anything to date?

  4. It's up to you to use the instructions and links I provides above to determine that yourself:
    Dashboard > Store > My Upgrades
    Dashboard > Store > Billing History

  5. Dear Sir,

    I am confused as to my billing? It said I would automatically be billed $99.00 for the same package I had last time and I am good with that I don't want my blog to close. My card said it was billed for $99.00 but my dashboard said I was going to get billed in 15 days again? I wanted the same package I had from the last year. If it said I was billed $99.00 for the same package, why would it be asking for the same amount again, confused?

    Please let me know the status of my account,asap

    Thank you,

  6. @dwws03 - billing is done 30 days before an upgrade expires in case the payment fails there is time to correct things without having domain names etc. stop working - I have flagged this for the staff to help with your questions

  7. Thank you for your help, I look forward to hearing from staff.

    Have a great weekend !

  8. fengshuikeh, you purchased the Value Bundle for $99 back on December 14, 2011. What you're seeing is a notification that auto-renew was not enabled, so you'll need to manually renew it before it expires. If you do not manually renew it, it will expire on December 14, 2012.

    dwws03, an authorization for the charge was placed on your card, but that transaction has not yet been completed or was declined by your credit card provider. In the future, please start your own thread:

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