Billing Mistake AGAIN

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    This is the second website that I set to auto-pay that has gone down. I just researched my Pay Pal account for myself and what I was told by the techs on here that I turned off my auto-payment of WordPress is completely wrong! And how can I show my proof when I can’t copy and paste info or put a screen shot of what I’m looking at? I was charged $150 to get my domain back the first time and went along with it. I will not do that this time and I demand a refund from the first domain! Auto-Pay is still completely active on my Pay-Pal account. I was charged $13.00 on March 25th, 2017 then I am showing 3 other times that WordPress charged me NOTHING! $0.00 dollars. THREE TIMES! You are also showing as ACTIVE. You’ve been ACTIVE for 3 years on my Pay Pal account. So! Refund my money for the and actually charge me for my other domain at the regular price like you were supposed to and GIVE ME MY DOMAIN BACK! Oh and P.S. I have an active Better Business Bureau complaint against your corporation for making people with billing questions go on this forum with NO WAY of defending themselves, having to wait hours for a result and basically kidnapping a persons domain until the ransom demand is made. That is what it comes down to the way WordPress handles there complaints.

    The blog I need help with is



    I DID NOT EVER stop automatic payments with Pay Pal and all I can see of my payment history is attempts by Pay Pal to collect $0.00 dollars. It is still listed in the ACTIVE Pre-Approved Payments in my PayPal. How IN THE HELL is it my fault you didn’t get your money when I have you listed as an ACTIVE Pre-Approved vendor on my Pay Pal account? You didn’t get your money so it’s MY fault! I’m so pissed at this entire situation repeating itself again.



    I tagged this with modlook to get attention from Staff. Please wait for their response.


    Member is registered bij and is referring to a Wix website,



    Yeah I paid $98 to get back from them weeks ago….



    I did get back from them finally. I DO NOT understand why it still says it’s own by Wildwest, it never was. I know I called them! I just transfered over over to Wix. As soon as I get back from them ill be switching it over as well and I will NEVER use WordPress again. That’s the real lesson here.



    Hi there,

    Your domain,, is not registered with us. It’s registered with and only connected here by a domain mapping upgrade. This upgrade expired in May, but I see you’ve already bought a new one, and that domain is showing your site again.

    The domain,, is registered with us, through Wild West Domains. That domain expired in March and went into redemption. You paid $98 to get that domain back – the $80 redemption fee we had to pay the registry to recover the domain plus the regular renewal fee.

    Both these upgrade expired because automatic renewal was switched off on your account on 8 September 2017.

    I don’t see any charge for $150 on your account as you claim above, nor do I see any $0 charges in our logs, so I’m not sure what those could be. You can contact our billing support directly via about that – you’ll need to provide them with the PayPal transaction IDs for those transactions so they can look into this, and that type of info should not be shared here in the public forums.

    Also note that as the owner of paid upgrades you don’t have to post in the forums. You have access to private email support via the contact form at or the Help icon that appears on all the My Sites pages.

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