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Binary Moon query

  1. I have been using Binary Moon for some time now. IT started out fine but soon the theme changed itself. No more does it give me two columns .Only on, and its a looong way to the end of the sidebar. Any Help?

  2. Is that the same as Regulus by Binary Moon or another Binary Moon? I use Regulus by Binary Moon and mine is okay.

  3. Yeah, regulus Binary Moon the same one available on the selection page. Take a look at my blog. Theres only one column

  4. By column do you mean sidebar? Mine only has one sidebar. I had it for so long now that I forgot if it came with two sidebars. I can't have two or more sidebars because I need the room for the pictures I post.

  5. its supposed to be a sidebar but the blogroll spread out across two columns like in the preview pic

  6. apparently in the forum somewhere i read previously u get the two column blogroll if you don't use any widgets. try and see if that works.

  7. hmm. il try it out. for now forget it. im gonna change the theme soone or later. thanks for all the help

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