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Bing found SEO Errors that I don't know how to correct. How do I correct Code?

  1. Bing SEO says I have errors that need to be corrected in the HTML code for ( They are as follows: SEO Suggestions

    Error Count Description
    4 There are multiple <h1> tags on the page.
    1 The <img> tag does not have an ALT attribute defined.

    How do I address/correct these problems

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Its dubious if they are worth fixing. The multiple <h1> tags I would not consider an error, presumably Bing hopes to have just one top-level title with important words for searching in each page.

    The "img" tags without an ALT just means you have no alternate text to display. You can enter it by clicking the properties for the image in visual editor (or directly in the html editor if you know what you are doing). It's possible that the theme uses images without ALTs, you can't do anything about that though.

  3. Tandava is right and Bing is stupid.
    a) The only images that don't have an alt text on your page are the header image and a little gif that is needed in a WP script; all the rest do.
    b) The headings business is partly a myth and partly of concern to amateurs who try to build sites while ignoring the basics. Of no concern to you when you use the rigorous and well constructed HTML that WP uses.
    Watch Matt Cutts of Google here:
    Then watch same Matt Cutts say that "WP automatically solves a ton of SEO issues" and "takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO":

    And before worrying about SEO issues, you should do better than reposting other people's posts.

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