Bing instead of Google maps for geotagging?

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    up until now (last few months) when adding the geotagging info to a specific blog post, the little window in the New Post page always utilized Google Maps. All of a sudden, today the google’s gone and it’s now with Bing maps.

    Now, I’m not a Google fanboy or anything (lest I go to Blogspot), however, this new Bing maps is next to useless.

    I’ll explain: I’m in South Korea (ROK). My blog is about hiking. Therefore, most of the geolocators will not be on any routes or in any population centers. Bing has no options like Google does (Map view, Satellite view, or, most importantly for me: Terrain view (with elevation contours)). Nada.

    Additionally, Bing seems to be using a map of Korea that maybe dates back twenty years…half the roads and highways aren’t even on it–and the names, well, the names. Bing’s map is only in English, Google’s is bilingual. This helps alot when the romanized (latin alphabet) names aren’t up to snuff.

    In searching the forums and blog posts, I’ve seen nothing referring to such change, the geotagging page still has google maps in the example pics, and it was less than a week ago that last time I geotagged, it was via Google Maps.

    All that to state my disapproval with this (seemingly minor) changover. In my case, it has a large impact.

    Thanks for any info or workarounds.


    PS: At the minimum, Bing does accept raw Lat/Long coordinates, for those of us who do carry GPSr around with us…

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jason. I agree with you that Google Maps is far superior than Bing. I tagged this thread for staff’s attention. If you don’t get a response, contact them on January 3 at:




    Due to the limitations of Google’s Maps API, we had to switch to using Bing over HTTPS.

    If you’d like to use Google instead, you’ll have to uncheck “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages” from Users -> Personal Settings in your Dashboard.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.



    OK, at least there’s a reason.

    Any change back to Google in the foreseeable future when these limitations will be taken care of to be able to use Google over https and subsequently drop Bing with its limitations? (or at the very least, offer an option when this is resolved?)

    Thanks for your speedy reply.



    To be honest, I’d love to see Google Maps come back over HTTPS, but Google has proposed some rather hefty restrictions that are preventing us from comfortably doing this.

    I don’t think we’ll be bringing them back to HTTPS connections any time soon.



    Thanks for letting us know about this. I have bookmarked this thread. :)



    You’re welcome!

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