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BING invasion!

  1. This is NOT a support question, I just want to say that as I was playing around with WindowsLive writer, somehow my browser got switched to Bing search engine. I hate the thing, and tried every trick I knew (ok, not that many... ) to get rid of it. No luck.
    I wrote BING, left many messages of negative feedback, contacted Google, not a single word back from either.

    I even tried to restore my computer to an earlier date to try and bring back my regular Firefox settings, it would not let me do it either.

    So I did a simple search in the net for "how to get rid of Bing" - and there on top, eHow site had clear instructions to do it.

    Apparently, many folks suffer this kind of problem - so, if this happened to you, don't despair, go to eHow and follow their instructions

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I got this issue as well. Suddenly, for no reason, when you want to go to another site, suddenly BING?! Shocking.

    It may be not how you can get rid of it, but how to prevent it from getting into you system. Many folks, I'd one of those you are talking about. LOL~

  3. Now when I see their ads on TV I shout at the monitor, words not fit to print... they cannot listen, but at least I get it out of my system....

  4. I didn't understand it Sallybr! what is meant by browser got switched to Bing searched engine?!!

  5. Ok, normally, the way my browser works, if I go on the top and enter one word to do a search, the google search pops up. That's the way I set my computer, with google as the default search engine

    All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, instead of google, this Bing search popped in its place - it takes longer to load, and doesn't work as well as google does.

    I don't mind TRYING a new search engine if it is recommended by users, or if I get a clear advertisement about it - but to have Bing enter my computer and be almost impossible to remove, that was really annoying. In my opinion, very bad business on their part.

  6. I'm a little confused as to why this is on WP's support site.

  7. Sally,

    I can understand your rage. Those fucking corporate people have no bloody sense of integrity and shame, if they can make money, they will do whatever it takes.

    These people, they will go to length just to secure profits.


    I can also understand your no-understand. It's pretty disgusting, people are interfering your system, forcing you to use their service with their insistence, and you can end up got disrupted in your surfing or work.

    The typical morons.

    But in Singapore, we also have such morons, well-connected and advertising regularly in various sectors.

  8. nrepair - I don't know where else to place it - and I said on my first post it was not a support question.

    I was so frustrated and lost so much time with it, I thought it was worth mentioning here.

    if inappropriate, I hope the moderators can let me know and shut this thread down.

  9. The Windows Live Writer may be having some option for adding Bing to the list of your search engines [the box in firefox on the right top]. You may have opted for it by mistake; I doubt if MSN will try to cheat.

    One can add many search engines to that list. Bing is also not a bad search engine. In its new avatar it's quite good and presently at second position if I am not incorrect.

  10. Sallybr - It might make a good blog entry! :)

    Those dishes on your site look amazing. Good thing I just ate lunch or I'd be starving just from looking at them...

  11. That's why I posted it here, actually - I suspect that could be the case, and others using WordPress might inadvertently do the same.

    At any rate, an option that is almost impossible to revert, is not a good option as far as I'm concerned... :-)

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