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    I know there’s a shortcode for Google maps, but I prefer Bing maps because of their much-superior aerial imagery. Is a link to my Bing map the only option available to me in because of their use of iframes, or is there a way to embed a Bing map?

    The blog I need help with is



    Possibly. Is there a Flash version of this map? Another Volunteer MAY be able to convert Flash to a gigya shortcode and then it can be added in a blog. See here >


    I don’t see a flash version–there’s only one option in the “generate code” section, and here’s what it gives me:

    <div id="mapviewer"><iframe id="map" Name="mapFrame" scrolling="no" width="640" height="550" frameborder="0" src="!157&FORM=LMLTEW&emid=75ec080e-ca9b-28e4-a98e-9e62f5b2d16a&w=640&h=550"></iframe><div id="LME_maplinks" style="line-height:20px;"><a id="LME_largerMap" href="" target="_blank">View Larger Map</a>&nbsp;<a id="LME_directions" href="" target="_blank">Get Directions</a>&nbsp;<a id="LME_birdsEye" href="" target="_blank">View Bird's Eye</a></div>


    The option they give you is iframe and iframes can’t be added in blogs directly. However, you might like a workaround:

    The workaround will enable you to put a “text link” in a box and when someone clicks the “text link” the text link in the box will be replaced by the bing map right in your blog.

    See here if you are interested:
    How to embed iframe widgets in a blog



    Or you could have a thumbnail picture of the map and when they click on the thumbnail it opens the link to your Bing Map. A bit more class than just the text link.




    A bit more class than just the text link.

    Um, the text link I was referring to opens the map right in the blog. The image link does not do that. So, if someone clicks the text link, (s)he will still be able to view the map in the blog. But if someone clicks the image (s)he will be thrown out of the blog. Just stating the difference.

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