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    Hello!! everyone..

    I am using Oxygen theme for my blog. When I use the Bing SEO analyzer for my blog, it shows the following error “There are multiple <h1> tags on the page.”..

    Please recommend what should I do in order to overcome this error and is this error going to affect my search ranking in any way? Any help would be deeply appreciated..!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey, I don’t exactly have an answer. I’m using “From Dusk Til Dawn” and getting dinged on the same thing. According to Bing its a “high” priority, so I’m looking to fix it quick. And not only that, but also “too long or too short title” and “too short, or too long description.” If you’re not getting those I’m thinking its more of a theme issue and both you and me are going to need to change themes to something more SEO friendly. But I’d love to hear from some other more experienced people before I jump to any other themes, I really like the one I’m using.



    Well, I don’t know why that would be a problem, it just means you have lots of headers, as Oxygen does. You could use a different theme or reduce the number of posts that are displayed on the main page, but I doubt that this is a serious problem.


    @ rurounirew Yes, I am also getting error of “too short or too long description”.. I tried surfing about this thing on google and I got the explanation that on, tagline are what they call description.. So, I tried both ways, I kept the tagline long and short too but in both the cases error was same.

    @raincoaster Actually, the main problem is that not only the posts are assigned h1 tags but also the widget titles are assigned the same tag (as bing is showing).. So, even if you go on some page on the site (other than home page), you will get the same error of multiple h1 tags.

    I don’t know what to do.. I really want to stick with this theme, its working out fine for me.. Can anyone flag this question for the staff??



    It’s not necessary. The warnings are really quite trivial, they are not incredibly important to obey.


    Okay.. But I am really concerned because Bing is showing it as a critical error with a red mark…



    Bing is not a critical search engine, to put it lightly. I wouldn’t worry.


    yeah same with says “multiple descriptions”


    yeah same with says “multiple descriptions”


    I am not getting where the problem lies. Howsoever I am going to continue as I was doing until I get advice from some expert that there really is some problem in my theme or anything like that..


    @techblogmaster can i have your site address?

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