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    Hello all – I’m new to WordPress and am struggling with how to get my biography information / profile to appear on the front page of my blog. I’m using a three-column theme, and I’d like the bio information / profile to appear on the left hand column (above Categories and Archive). I’m only using the basic (free) version of WordPress, does this matter?
    I’ve looked at the settings, the appearance, everything I can think of, but can’t spot where to set it up. I have filled in my profile, so it’s ready to go. Please help. Thanks in advance.


    Appearance > Widgets. Add a Text widget, paste your info there, drag it to top position, save changes.



    Quite frankly, most readers won’t want to see that every darn time they go to your blog. They’ll want to see your latest post. And search engines are the same; if your front page never updates, they’ll assume you don’t update much and won’t pay much attention to you.


    Good grief that was simple – thanks very much for the quick response.


    @simonthoughts: You’re welcome – but raincoaster is right. You should consider using an “About” PAGE. That way instead of the actual info up front you’ll only have a tab linking to it (in either the header or the sidebar, depending on the theme you’re using).



    An About page is one of the first things people look for. Mine has over 100 comments on it. You should consider doing a permanent About page as a means of raising your profile.

    (and thanks pana, as usual you’re one step ahead of me)


    (@rain: Thanks, and I wish that was true – if it was, I would have thought of your 8:09 AM post myself!)



    I have the problem that I cant get the about page to show on my blog. wtf is the problem.. I have been liooking everywhere but canĀ“t find a solution ..?Anyone that can help me..


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