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Birds Make the Most Incredible Music

  1. theintentionalsage

    Panlinea (pronounced pan-lean-yah) sat quietly on the forest floor. The dawn was about 30 minutes away and she knew that this time of day was when all of the birds woke up to begin their chirping. It was one of her favorite things to do: wake up early enough to be awake before the birds such that she could hear all the birds wake up and make their music! And that is what she thought the birds were doing – making music.

    As that thought crossed her mind, she heard the first sounds of chirping from one bird to her left. It was followed by more chirping from a bird to her right. And then a bird from somewhere behind her started chirping. Again, the one on the left. Then, a bird from somewhere in front of her. Another, different bird to the right.

    That was another thing that she rather enjoyed. None of the sounds that the birds made were the same. Each bird had its own unique sound that it made. As a result of Panlinea having what some might call a ‘musical ear,’ she was able to really hear the difference from one bird to the next not only of different species, but of the same species!

    Anyone that she ever mentioned this to seemed to think that she might be creating this in her mind, but because of her gift in hearing, she could tell the difference. More chirping from different birds started to occur and it was almost like a chorus. A large smile broke out across Panlinea’s face as she began to descend to the point where she was lying down. This was a magical moment for her and she relished in it whenever she gave herself the opportunity to experience such a diversity of sound. To Panlinea, the music that the birds make was better than any Mozart, Beethoven, or Tchaikovsky, symphony that she’d ever heard.

    There was more chirping from the birds and consequently more joy exuded from Panlinea. It was a never-ending cycle once it started in the morning as the birds chirped all day and so, Panlinea was in a state of joy – all day.

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  2. sage,

    I've been over to your blog a couple of times, but haven't left a Comment. I think it's because there's something about your writing that is alchemical; it begs to be digested slowly and with great intention. It's as though each scenario you create gives the reader a homeopathic dose of some mystical compound. Some folks who are looking for a quick, superficial read might not get the immediate gratification they seek. On the other hand, some of us are taking in everything really slowly and knowing that something is germinating in response to what you have written. I feel very much at home in your imagination. Thanks for inviting me in.

  3. theintentionalsage


    Thank you very much for your kind words. Your description of my actions is quite poetic and after browsing through "intelligent inspiration for evolving humans," it makes perfect sense. :-)

    From my understanding of thought and thought-forms, nothing that anyone thinks can be considered private. Although, I appreciate the sentiment.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

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