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    YES! [shouted the spam dragon doing a happiness dance and blowing ****kisses*** to the plug-in creator]
    A short description in english language

    This is a modified version of the Feed Copyrighter Plugin written by Angsuman. It blocks bitacle’s access to your RSS feed, if you do not want bitacle to republish your entries and add advertisements to them. If the user-agent or the referer of the RSS-feed request contains the text »bitacle«, your content will not be delivered in the RSS-feed, instead there is the message…
    NOTICE: Bitacle is a website, which steals contents just to add unwanted advertisements to them. Bitacle is an organzied copyright infringement. Please read the orignial blog

    …followed by the linked URL of your blog, to make sure that the readers can read your original work with the layout and the ads you want. And that’s all. If you want to customize the texts, you can edit them in the PHP source.

    Download the modified Feed Copyrighter Plugin with bitacle blocker



    TT, please don’t suggest to folks that they should download plugins. That will just raise additional questions.



    OOPS! :9 I’m sorry drmike.
    I just thought that if at least those with self-hosted and web-hosted blogs over at could use this plug-in that we bloggers at would be a step closer to using it here.
    I humbly apologize for my exuberance and for the possibility that I misled others into thinking we could use this here right away when such is not the case … sorry :(



    Thwarting bitacle. IMO there are some things we bloggers can do to thwart bitacle.
    (1) dashboard -> options -> reading -> set rss Syndication Feeds to “summary” rather than “full text”

    (2) when writing articles deliberately use the “more tag” because if you use the <–more–> feature, it will cut off posts in RSS feeds.

    (3) I’ve been suscribing to my own blog feeds and had them set on “full text” so I can have back-ups. But what I can do instead is periodically export my blog to my desktop and save it in a *.txt file and then save it to disc.

    So do you techie types find any fault with what I’m proposing? Please respond.



    I mentioned earlier why what you are proposing will not work for me.

    Perhaps the MU setup we have here can build something in to block Bitacle, if neither the plug-in nor the IP address blocking works.



    With IP blocking, it’s a simple matter of changing it on their end.

    I’ve got to admit that I would rather see Matt or Scoble contact the hosting provider and express their annoyance over the issue. I seriously think that’s the only way this is going to be resolved.



    Yes, Vivian I read and understood your earlier post on your commitment to participation in feed aggregators and how this wouldn’t work for you. The 3 suggestions will work for some bloggers hough. And now I’m wondering if Bitacle is specifically targeting people in your situation, in a sense it could be like shooting the proverbial fish in a barrel.

    Yes, drmike I do understand that blocking an IP can just lead to them changing IP’s on their end.

    What I’m not clear on is the plug-in thingee. Akismet is a plug-in too and all blogs have it. So I felt hopeful that a plug-in adaptation could be made for wordpress MU from the proto-type that was created just this morning.

    Granted the protestations of Matt and Robert Scoble as well as other notable bloggers who are being victimized by content scraping for monteization purposes might lead the host in question to come on side, however, how long will it be until Bitacle clones are created?
    It seems to me the plug-in protection is what is needed but then I’m a non geek so I could be off base. It sure would be nice to hear from Matt on this.

    EDIT: I’m editing this so Podz’s post remains last. YES! :D ***KISSES*** to Matt and to all those who helped and who are working on this still [from the smiling, dancing spam dragon] :D



    Matt has made a change but it needs a few hours to check the effect.



    And the change is…?


    Yeah, Lorelle, I’m curious, too…

    I just sent in info to Support about my efforts to fight Bitacle. And Lorelle, I’ve been using your info on your blog to combat them, so thank you for those resources — they’re really terrific.

    Yesterday, I sent them an email asking them to stop using my stuff. Today, they’ve altered their version of my blog to include a very large-font but non-clickable link to my original posts, and added a lame “copyright” notice to the bottom that assigns all copyright to me. Gee, thanks.

    I still want this stuff gone. And, like Vivian, I have not been pleased with the results of using the summary RSS feed — my readership is much happier when they’re getting the full feed, so I don’t want to change that just to incompletely solve a splog problem.



    I’m enjoying this thread –alot. All my blogs were already set to “summary” for Google, etc., so that’s done. Maybe I missed it but: Why can’t WP just file “abuse” report with their ISP? The next ISP they try to use will be able to get a report on them, maybe not give service, no?

    I liked the pics on the left, spoke too soon…or shouldn’t have said anything….

    ~Tt: did you read my e-mails? Will you be answering?

    (HEY! I got a “right side” to this window! Way kewl.)



    I just reported as much as I could find on the bitacle debacle here

    I’ve been searching this and keeping pace all day and haven’t read my email at all. I will eat and then respond – sorry.



    I’ll link to your post, TT, because the more bloggers who know about this the better. Are you listed on BC Bloggers, btw? Check it out; seems like a good service and decent guys to me. They republish a snippet, but there’s no advertising and they make no $; it’s just community-building.

    Scoble’s comment moderating? I don’t recall that before, but maybe I’m just sleep deprived. The Writers’ Conference/Festival season has started and I’m already woozy.



    Thanks for the link. Yes I’m a member of BC Bloggers. My email is overflowing with Bitacle references as I spent most of the day on it. I just made another update to my post about an hour ago.



    Just reading this thread. Did a search on Bitacle (and and my blog doesn’t appear (as far as I could see). Maybe because I don’t use trackbacks?

    From Lorelle’s very informative blog though I went to Copyscape and now have two of their prominent Do Not Copy Banners in my sidebar on Like It Is – top and bottom. It may not help against Bitacle but at least it shows any likely copier that we’re at least aware and procative when it comes to plagarism.

    And here is the FAQ for those wanting more info:



    britgirl, I did a search on all my blogs. Nothing turned up. I don’t use trackbacks either. I also have copyscape banners. Did a search on there too, and didn’t find anything.



    I don’t get the tech aspects, all the defenses of this. I do know what intellectual property rights and theft are. I notified Google (with relevant links, details). If Google stips AdSense: his motivation is moot.

    I got an instant auto reply. If I get response, I’ll come back.



    Remarked as resolved since staff has made adjustments.

    I’m curious as well to know what adjustments have been made. I know Matt is against IP blocks and I don’t see anything in the robots.txt file.



    Regarding the answer to your question see Matt’s comment on my blog



    It is checking for and blocking them specifically.
    They change, so does the block so if you see any new stuff on there just let us know through feedback.

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