Bizarre dashboard happenings and stats

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    Good morning,

    Since last night I’ve been unable to access my dashboard and stats intermittently. I also have to keep signing in. I’ll click on my dashboard, then I’m prompted to keep signing in.

    Also, on my latest post at, I have 21 likes but only 9 visitors to that particular post. Is that possible?

    This morning I just tried to check out my stats and for several seconds my stats were all deleted and incorrect. It said that I only had 66 visitors of all time and only a few comments. I have over 8000 visitors of all time and over 200 comments. I realize that’s not a lot but I’ve worked hard for those modest stats.

    The dashboard and stats are doing a dance all their own, but I’d just like them to do what they’ve always done: do their best to be accurate, inform me on the qualifiers, detail who I’m connecting with, from where, and through what posts.

    Weird right? Please help.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, there

    Sadly, a proportion of your ‘likes’ will be spammers who have no intention of reading your blog, but are hoping you will visit/follow their blogs. I see Patrick Latter has paid you a visit:

    He’s changed his pic: not smiling any more. Now sort of gazing upwards in a meaningful photographic way. I may have to revise my ode.

    Sorry, I can’t help with the other technical stuff you mention.

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