Bizarre spike in home page hits… is this spamming?

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    Ever since about March 28 or so, my home page has been getting an inordinate amount of hits from a very small group of visitors. One day I got a bizarre spike of over 5,000 views to my home page, but only about 5 visitors. (Oddly, the huge spike in home page views came from the U.S., which is not where you typically would be finding spammy hits coming from.)

    Since then, I have had unusually large numbers of hits to my home page every day (in the hundreds, not thousands) but only 4-5 visitors each day. This is WAY above my usual traffic on the site and the low number of corresponding visitors is quite curious.

    (Another person posted about this same issue this week, but didn’t really post it under a subject line that calls attention to the huge amount of hits…)

    The blog I need help with is

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