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    I don’t seem to be able to upload black and white .jpeg photos. any suggestions?

    thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    When you have difficulty uploading images there are troubleshooting steps you can take. Firstly where are the images? Are you trying to upload them from your computer or are they hosted elsewhere online? Have you followed these instructions?

    Have you optimized and presized the images to fit within the confines of the maximum displayed image width for your theme prior to trying to upload them? I’m asking because we frequently find people are trying to upload and display HUGE images in small spaces.

    If you are having problems uploading images then the most likely causes are:
    The file size of the image is too large.
    Your connection is slow.
    You have a browser issue.
    There is a problem between your computer and the server. (You do not have a direct line here. Your connection will go through any number of hubs before it gets here and one problem along that line will cause you problems.)


    The file size is 1000×725 pixels.

    I have successfully uploaded a dozen other (color) pictures–instantly, with no problem.



    What is the image extension? It must be one of these:

    What exactly happens when you try to upload the image?


    I think I have solved the problem. The title had a closed parenthesis immediately before .jpeg


    removing the parenthesis allowed the photo to be uploaded.

    Many thanks!



    YAY! That’s great news. Thanks so much for returning and telling us that you have resolved this issue. Happy blogging. :)


    Grin! thank goodness stupidity isn’t contagious!



    No kidding. I have made so many stupid mistakes that I would have infected a multitude by now. LOL :D

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