Black base line of 20/10 almost full

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    Black base line of 20/10 is almost full. I am happy with it showing the most important items, but the penultimate item is ‘Other’ under which I would like there to be a drop down menu of eg. Photographs in various categories and possibly some writing. I can’t work out how to do this although I have read all sorts. Unfortunately what one really needs is examples. I wish HELP would think about doing this. The ordinary punter has limited knowlege.
    Be grateful for help. Julia


    The best way to do all this is with a custom menu since in addition to giving you drop down menu capability, it gives you a lot of other possibilities.



    OK thanks…that was what I have…but I hadn’t understood how to use it. I do now…well a bit. I assume Categories is just another way of doing it. It is all trial and error my end!

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