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black dashboard

  1. I am using the last version of Chrome. Anyway, I have just turned off my old laptop (Windows XP) and Chrome works perfectly. So, it must be something regarding Windows 7.

  2. I just checked under Windows 7 and Chrome 18, and did not see the problem.

    Are you running any extensions? If so, would you please try disabling all of them?

  3. I have already done it. I have disabled all of them.

  4. Perhaps there could be a third-party security application or firewall conflicting?

    If you have any, you might want to disable those.

    Otherwise, I'd say it's up to the Chrome folks.

  5. mechanisticmoth

    Waiting for a reply from the Chrome people. We'll see how this goes. Otherwise, I might just have to blog through firefox....

  6. I have the problem on Pinterest, too.

    When the dashboard goes black, I can click in the left sidebar (where the menu normally is) and whatever I click, opens. So when it goes black I click the sidebar, and then navigate where I need to go from there. The only part of wordpress that goes black is the dashboard.

    Pinterest does the same thing. Clicking on an individual pin brings the black screen but clicking in the middle where the pin is located opens the pin site.

    It's very weird.

  7. macmanx, I have disabled the firewall and I still see the black screen.
    monfog, I also have the same problem on Flickr (the black screen). I cannot even register! Yet, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail and many other places work very well, as usual. As you said, it is weird. We will see what happens. I am longing to hear from Google.

  8. I'm having the same problem any solution yet!?!?!?


  9. mechanisticmoth

    Okay, I found a forum that helped on Google. It's a temporary fix because apparently the Chrome people are working on a solution. This worked for me on an intel with Radeon Graphics on Windows 7.

    Here's what to do:
    Right Click on your desktop
    Choose "Configure Switchable Graphics" or something similar
    This pulls up the catalyst control center (at least for me)
    Then switch Google Chrome to Economy Mode or Power Saving Mode. Not High Performance Mode.

    Hope that helps!

  10. mechanisticmoth

  11. I am afraid, mechanisticmoth, I have not understood your instructions. I am foreigner and the language sounds too technical to me. I right clicked on my black desktop and I did not find the information you are talking about. I would like to switch to Economy Mode or Power Saving Mode, but I do not know how to do it. I have already been in the Forum and I even got more confused. Thank you, anyway.

  12. mechanisticmoth, thanks for letting us know!

    zambullida, if you aren't able to follow the steps above, you might want to try Firefox or any other browser for a day or two. Google is usually pretty quick about fixing bugs like this.

  13. I have Radeon Graphics on Windows 7 too, but no matter how hard I try I cannot find the The Catalist Control Center, mechanisticmoth. I do not see it right clicking on desktop. I do not like Firefox. I guess I will wait.

  14. mechanisticmoth

    Hey zambullida, I'm sorry my directions were confusing. I tried to make them pretty simple, but I understand the confusion. Unfortunately, that's what worked for me, and I'm not too in on the technical talk. So, I'm not sure how else to explain it. Peruse that forum and hopefully that will help you out.

  15. It is okay mechanisticmoth.I cannot even reach that forum anymore. Google must have made some changes... Anyway, yesterday I read that what you did (whatever it is, because I cannot find the Catalyst Control Center) is only a temporary solution that can affect Chrome graffics in the long run; just in case you did not know. If you are capable of reaching the forum, let me know please.

  16. This appears to be fixed now. Please make sure that you update Chrome to version 18.0.1025.151 or higher.

  17. No in my case and I have the latest version of Chrome.

  18. Chrome doesn't always update instantly. Please follow this guide to update Chrome and make sure that you have at least 18.0.1025.151:

  19. @zambullida Follow the link that macmanx provided and your troubles will be over. It fixed mine. Clicking the wrench and then "About Chrome" installed the latest version, which I thought I had but apparently did not.

  20. Apparently, it works now. Thank you.

  21. The black dasboard is here again, in WorPress and Flickr. So, the solution has only been temporary, I am afraid.

  22. The issue definitely a Chrome problem. If it came back, it's still a Chrome problem and needs to be reported to them. There is nothing that we can do here.

    First, make sure that you are running at least version 18.0.1025.151:

    If you are, report the issue to Google, and try a different browser for now.

  23. The issue is resolved at last.

  24. Definitely a chrome problem

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