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black heart thick face

  1. This is the modality to reach your goal. I have written this topic in my blog, so if your have already get the meaning of the thick face black heart, we may discuss it further.

    bye, asp

  2. And you also seem to have started multiple threads on the same topic....

  3. First sentence in the post:

    "I have read this book....since 1992."

    Dude - it took you 16 years to read a book? :)

  4. Thick face black heart .. it is not a knowledge. It is a discipline. Perhaps need whole life to practice it. The information, when you has known.. then you could throw away the book. But to mastering it ... not an easy task.

  5. I am the master of my domain. :)

  6. Errr... like to master... craps?

  7. Yeah throw away the book, dude, since it teaches you none but grammatical errors ;)

  8. can I be mistress?

  9. I just realized that my previous comment sounds like it goes to my lovely horse. It should go to the one who 'have read read this book since 1992'.

    And Gentledove, you asked for it... *Ding!* Done. You're a mistress! But remember, being a mistress is tough. You have to please the master. He's hard to satisfy.

  10. yes.. everybody could be what they wanted to be. just keep on the way that it should be.

  11. If everybody could be what they wanted to be, how come ... ah nevermind. ^sigh^

  12. It works I tell you, my great,great great, aunt lucy read this book while sailing from Southampton to New York in 1912 and a very strange thing happened, someone shouted "we're approaching cape cod" and she thought they meant they were gonna have fish an' chips for supper, now my great, great, great aunt lucy just loved fish and chips but by the time she got to the restaurant they had run out of newspaper now in those days there was no labour government in England so nobody had thought about making it illegal to eat fish an' chips from a sheet of yesterday's newspaper, in fact nobody could ever imagine eating fish an' chips any other way it was considered irreligious. But my great, great, great aunt Lucy says "I'm gonna have fish an' chips if I have to jump overboard to catch the blighter myself, what kind of ship is the Titanic anyway to run out of yesterday's newspaper?.....what was that grinding noise? why are we stopped? She is now Saint Lucy patron saint of cod an' chips and it all goes to show if you are really determined you CAN succeed all you need is an iceberg lettuce to go with it oh and a pinch of salt.

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