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Black Letterhead header

  1. I'm having a problem changing the color of the text in my header.
    I change the color, save changes (header looks correct), view my blog and the text appears orange. Is this inherent in the theme? And if so why is there an option to change the text color. Frustrated.

  2. anybody? Sending some feedback.

  3. I tried to change the colour of the title text on my test blog on this Black Letterhead theme from red to orange. It looked like it worked from the admin side but when I view the front of my blog the colour of the title text did not change. It's still red. Remarkably, the tagline colour did change to orange. I'm concluding that this is a weird thing that must be reported to staff during support hours on weekdays 9-5PM.

  4. Thanks, TT.
    I'll contact the staff tomorrow.
    No biggie. I just like the theme.

  5. I now have it up on my actual blog, instead of the test blog and the results are the same. I too would like to see this fixed.
    Best wishes :)

  6. Looks like this "text" issue has been rectified.
    It's all good . . . for now. :0)

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