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    When a reader click a particular article, and is only viewing that article, there doesn’t seem to be a way to get back to the mian body of the blog to check out more articles. Or am I missing something here? I’d love to find out the answer to this as I’ve had a few people ask me this. I don’t want to change the theme, I really love it. Any help would be appreciated.



    normally the header is clickable to the home page but in yours it isn’t. use the home link widget which will place a link to your main page on all pages except the front page itself.



    I think that’s just the way the theme is designed; the sidebar is present only when you’re viewing the main blog or other pages, not individual posts. Kubric is the same way. You readers can get back to the main blog page by clicking the image header, but that’s the best you can do at the moment.

    If you’d like to suggest an addition to the theme like a link at the end of individual posts, you can always contact staff once support opens. Hope that answers your question, even if it’s not the answer you were hoping for. :)


    thank you both for the responses! :)

    sulz: there is no home link widget, unless I’m blind.

    cjwriter: I will most certainly make the recommendation, thank you!



    Sorry, sulz, didn’t see you there. :) You’re right, though, I didn’t see that the image header isn’t clickable on preciousmetal’s blog; I checked on my test blog and it is, but that’s because the text in the header is still there which makes it clickable. I’d definitely contact staff about it then, otherwise it’s just leaving your readers stranded.


    right… thanks again you two! You’ve been very helpful!



    i have a home link widget in my widgets page, just checked. but i remember other users saying they don’t have a home link widget, so i’m not sure what’s going on here.

    anyway you can easily make a link to your home page and place it on a text widget.

    cjwriter: ‘sokay, no worries.


    sulz: you are right, in theory that should work. But when a reader clicks an article, the page that loads has no widgets. So I don’t think that’d work. :(

    Here’s hoping I can convince support to make the header image clickable…



    oh right, duh me. =) well, good luck then, hope your header gets clickable soon.


    thank you! :)



    no problem. =)



    I herd from support, they are working on it! :) YAY!



    Thanks for sharing that. :)


    no problem, I’ll let you know how it pans out.



    I’ll let you know how it pans out.

    Good and thanks again. :)


    well I was told the issue has been passed on, not sure what that means, but hopefully they can get to it. Does anyone else use this theme?



    … the issue has been passed on …

    I have no idea what it means either. There must be others using this theme, however, only staff know how many are using it and who they are. And, IMHO it’s unlikely that they will share this information with us bloggers. Thanks for coming back and letting us know “the issue passed on”. If you wish to you can find the option of marking this “resolved” in your original post.

    Happy blogging :)


    any support crew have news on this? header is still unclickable…



    What OMG! I thought when you said “the issue passed on” that the header url had been repaired. I’m so sorry this issue has gone on like this. You really need staff intervention. :(

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