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    Thanks, I have the widget in place, it’s just that as mentioned earlier in the thread, the sidebar isn’t present on individual posts.

    I like my header and with no options on the title text for placement, have chosen not to use it in favour of my design.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. It’s a shame though, as I really am rather fond of this theme.



    Send a feedback tomorrow. The more they’re nagged, the more likely they are to fix it.


    Any word? Anyone?



    Sheesh .. it’s been 12 days since you first posted so you must be frustrated. I really thought by now you would have had a reply of some kind from staff. :-(


    not frustrated in the least, I changed themes. But would really love to change back to the Black Letterhead one though.



    Yes, I do see that you are now using the Contempt theme. Even if the answer is not the one we want to hear, hopefully we will hear from staff on this soon.


    right :)



    With the exception of bug fixes we normally don’t make changes to themes after they’re released for several reasons:

    1. Anything that changes the appearance generates lots of support tickets.

    2. Custom CSS stylesheets will break if we change the html.

    3. Theme testing is very time consuming. We have a long checklist of things that have to be tested separately with 6 different browsers. Any significant change to the markup or CSS means that we have to re-test it all again from scratch.


    Hmm, sounds a bit like alot of work for just making a header image tag clickable, but ok.

    Thank you! :)



    With the exception of bug fixes we normally don’t make changes to themes

    I’d call the absence of a link to the home page a bug. Lorelle explains why these links are important, and how to make a clickable header.


    what I may just do is create and image for the bottom of each article, or a text link to bring the reader home.


    now that I think about it, no not such a great idea. I’d have to edit more than a few pages, adding the button or text link at the bottom.

    Is this seriously not considered a bug? Alot of the other themes have a clickable header, without the text, so I was just wondering…


    I’m using black letterhead on one of my blogs, and I consider this a bug and not a little one.


    right, we’ll see though.


    just sent in another support ticket, we’ll see how it’s coming along here.


    well I guess the theme is meant to have text as part of the clickable header, so if you/I turn it off it is no longer clickable. Bummer but I guess that’s the way it goes. I use a different theme now and it is working out great so far.



    I agree that this is a bummer.



    There are multiple other themes that don’t break navigation when you upload a custom header and hide the text. One of them is Kubrick, and since Black-Letterhead is basically a recoloured version of Kubrick this should really never have been an issue in the first place.

    Anyone following Lorelle’s tutorial should be able to sort this out if they invest in the CSS upgrade, but it shouldn’t be necessary to pay to fix bugs because Automattic can’t be bothered.



    … it shouldn’t be necessary to pay to fix bugs because Automattic can’t be bothered




    I encountered this header problem in this theme too when I “hid text”. I have temporarily “fixed” it by putting a text widget at the top and another at the bottom of the sidebar linking back to the “front page”. Does the job, but it would be good if the header image was live…

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