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Black-Letterhead Theme removed?

  1. At the time I've started my blog I choose Black-Letterhead theme for it. Today I discover that this theme is no longer available on my blog neither in theme selection page.
    Can you please ripristinate it?

  2. I see it on your blog and it's still available in Presenation>Themes.

    Someone earlier had trouble seeing his theme correctly, while many of us saw it just fine. Perhaps you're having the same issue.

  3. Whichever theme you have active on your blog will not appear under presentation > themes when you look. The theme you are using is excluded from the themes pages.

  4. Uhm, what browser do you use?
    I've tried with Firefox 2.0.11, IE6, Konqueror 3.5.8 with different results but no one display it correctly :(

  5. Thanks thesacredpath, now I know!

  6. I'm seeing you blog (I believe) just fine with Safari and Firefox on Mac. Since you have done custom CSS I can't tell if what I'm seeing is what is supposed to be there or not.

  7. No custom CSS for me, only standard settings of WordPress

  8. Ummm, beg to differ. This is what is in your custom CSS file:

    #header {
    background-position:center bottom;
    #sidebar {
    border-bottom:1px dashed #555555;
    border-top:medium none;
    .pagepost {
    border-top:medium none;
    margin:0pt 0pt 40px;
    .post {
    border-top:medium none;
    margin:0pt 0pt 40px;
  9. Sorry, I'm not very much into CSS, so what's the point?

    In other page than the home it's looking well for me now

  10. OK, I've gone to your second page.

    What you need to do is to set your blog to display only one post per page temporarily (options > reading) and then go through your posts, one at a time to see which post (or posts) messes up the layout. Typically when the theme breaks like it does on your front page, it is because something on that page is messed up (a missing end tag, div tags, etc.)

    Once you find what post or posts are causing the problem, then you can go in and find what is causing the problem.

  11. The theme is ok, you have following open div-tag in the last post:
    <div style="text-align:center;"><img src="" alt="intel-logo.png" /></p>
    Just close the div with
    between the closing > of the img tag and the opening < of the p tag and it'll be fine.
    FYI: there is also an italian forum for bloggers:

  12. Thank you all very much for the support!
    It's my fault in copy&paste from a webpage, I'm sorry

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