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Black Lines through my new header

  1. Hi,

    I just put up a new header with the Benevolence theme, and it has black line going through it that aren't in my original design.
    My url is: The lines go through the woman's face.


  2. Thats odd. The image is there fine, if you rightclick on it, so it seems to be the theme.
    Have you fiddled with the css?

  3. No. What part of the css, do you think would be affecting it? Just the header part?


  4. Ah - I see it now - it is the blog title. If you look at the original one, you see black text on white. 5 guess you can change the colour of it somehwhere.

  5. Thanks for your help, but I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "it is the blog title." Do you mean the original theme header is showing through?

  6. Ah, I just fixed it! If anyone else has this problem, go to your custom header and press "Hide Text"

  7. if you highlight it, you see the title of your blog ( its a little fiddly).
    I guess to change it you go to dashboard - > settings

  8. Add this to your CSS to to #masthead and add

    display: none;

  9. Well... I have the same issue. I just started setting up a blog page here today and though the first image I uploaded to the header looked fine, every one since then has that fat blck vertical line running through the center of it. The url is:

    When I go to Design> Custom Image Header though, I do not find any option to "Hide Text" as threadtrend previously used to fix this same problem. (HOWEVER, I do not actually want to hide any text related to the Header.) Apparently, if I read this site correctly, I can't do anything with the CSS unless I pay for that option. (On Blogger, I think I just freely clicked into that Option and played with the code/settings to get whatever modifications I needed.)

    I have no idea why the bisecting vertical black bar suddenly started appearing to begin with.

    Learning one's way around a new blog site is frustrating enough (for a fairly non-techy user) without these kinds of gliches appearing. Any help appreciated.

  10. badzen,

    that is a feature of the theme you selected, "chaoticsoul" It automatically takes any blog header you give it and splits it into two pictures. Change the theme to get one that will show the complete header.

  11. Oh. I get it. Thank you. I was thrown by the first image I used not having that bar (that I could see) and then succeeding ones showing it. When I found quite a number of others having the same problem (from their posts) I further assumed it was a glitch.

    Thanks, again.

    Maybe it was not the "valiant" way to procede, but I got so frustrated with so many initial things that for now, I simply returned to Blogger and quickly setup everything I need at: , where my other Blog Sites are also posted.

    Maybe when I've quite a bit more time, I can return and try to figure out how to do the same things I can freely do at Blogger, here (since your site came recommended to me from a friend).

  12. The black bar can be removed from chaoticsoul with the paid CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.

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