Black Theme that allows Image Width of 490 or more

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    Looking for a new theme for

    Love the look of the current one but my cartoons are created 488 width (for a number of reasons) and I need my theme to allow for that. With my current theme Black-Letterhead, I have to resize the image everytime.

    Like the custom header and the fact that it shows the full post given that I have a toon based blog. That removes Hemingway from consideration.

    Any others with a black background that people can recommend?


    Both Chaos theory and Chaotic Soul will do. Also Redoable Lite, if dark grey is good enough.


    Thanks. Should have been clearer. Tried all the ones on For some reason each of those just doesn’t quite work. Didn’t know if anyone knew how to tell the width of the ones on or even other free themes elsewhere.



    You can’t use other themes here on If you purchase the CSS upgrade you’ll be able to impliment the changes yourself, but you cannot just use themes, or other free themes.


    oh…OK good to know. That answers that question. Thank you both.

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