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BlackBerry 10 app taken down from BlackBerry World

  1. I have the official WordPress app on my BlackBerry 10 phone and went to check for updates in the store only to find the app is now missing entirely. Only the BB7 version remains. When did this happen and why? It was only an Android port anyway, why couldn't it be simply updated to the latest Android version?

    The current version crashes when doing certain actions. I went on Snap and loaded the current Android version (2.8.1) and guess what: It works great!

    Please re-release the latest version of the app to BlackBerry World. Even your mobile apps site ( still references the BB10 version, so I'm hoping this was just a temporary action or a mistake.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. At this time we are not actively developing an WordPress app for the Blackberry platform, though we are looking for options for Blackberry users. Please see the response in the Blackberry support forums from one of our developers, here:

  3. Thanks for the reply. But, the core of my message was asking why you wouldn't just port the current Android version and make it available in BlackBerry World like you used to?

    Like I said, I am currently running WordPress on my BB10 phone. I simply had to sideload it from the Play store, but that's less than ideal and only advanced users bother to do it.

    I understand a native app might not be your priority right now but as a stop-gap at least provide the Android port. It would require no effort on your dev team and the Android runtime is continually being improved by BlackBerry (current version supports Android 4.2, next version will support 4.3).

    See more:

  4. Thanks for your interest in the Blackberry app. If you'd like to discuss it further, you're welcome to post your question on the WordPress for Blackberry forums. Also, the app is part of our open source project, and here's more information on how to get involved:

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