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    So there’s this guy who comments frequently on my blog and he’s leaving some really strange creepy comments. (If you think about it.) I know it’s him because of his IP address. I’m not quite sure what his intentions are but it’s getting kinda creepy, especially since his Whois shows that he lives in the same State as me. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing, but I want to have the ability to ban if if necessary.

    I know this is a community based project, so I’m not sure if banning IP’s is a choice. (there’s probably a plugin)

    Please give me some feedback. For now I’m just deleting all of his off topic comments.



    Okay so the guy turned out to be my friend playing a prank. Lesson learned. Youngsters.
    Blog + High School = Spam



    It’s good that this turned out not to be what you thought it was. But I hope you straightened out the individual and explained he chose to play his child-like prank in a place that everyone can read not just the two of you.

    But for future reference for you and anyone that may come across this entry banning an IP addy is simple.

    From your dashboard go to “Options” > “Discussion” and enter the IP in the box labled “Comment Moderation.”



    Hey thanks! I thought didn’t know that box banned IP’s.

    Yeah your right. I just found the whole things creepy since I thought the spam appeared because I didn’t clear the history on one of my school computers. Thank you for your help and concerns.

    The people who end up doing things like this are often the people you know. Once again thanks.



    Hey thanks! I thought didn’t know that box banned IP’s.

    Neither did I….

    It’s too easy to get around that though. If you’re on a dial up, all you have to do is drop the call and redial. Different IP.

    I wonder if it’ll take 3 of the 4 digits like a Class C….




    even if you’re on a dial-up, the first two series of numbers will remain the same like if it was, the new IP will also start with 202.55. right?
    So in case the visitor is a real threat, it’s best to put the first two series in the comment moderation box even if it means other visitors have their comments held.

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