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  1. Hey everyone - I've been writing humor blogs for a little while now. My background is in creative writing and I've always been a voracious comedyphile. The humor blogging all started when I upset a friend and he demanded a public apology. So I created an entire blog devoted to the giant, backhanded apology I made for him at

    Anyway, people really seemed to like it, but it was a one-trick pony, so I eventually decided to come up with a broader humor/satire blog, "BLAG." The premise is basically that the "character/voice" behind the blog is my unrestricted id. All of it is based on real events and ideas in my life, but the deliverer of this information is way more of a narcissistic asshole.

    As of now, I have a good 30-40 people who read BLAG and I've gotten some really positive feedback from those willing to give it. But I'm just not good at networking, and I'd love to connect with some other humor bloggers, as I'm a bit of an island right now and am almost entirely reliant on Facebook for referrals. These blogs started out as a way to make my friends laugh, but humor writing really is my passion and I'd love to reach a wider audience and connect with other like-minded folks.

    Anyway, connect away! I promise to check out your blogs if you post them in here. I'd love to have a sidebar on BLAG directing to other good writers. It's all reciprocal. Mine's at:

    Also, I'm totally cool with writing guests posts, sharing material, etc. I just like doing this, so that's my primary motivation.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would probably categorize my blog as humor, but my ultimate goal is to write engaging posts that people can relate to.

    Engaging with other humor blogs is a good place to start, but try to comment on any blogs you like or read regularly. You should also post your best material on StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Digg for additional exposure. Linking to other blogs, like creating a blogroll, is also a good way to gain readers. Personally, I don't like it when people say "I'll only link to your blog if you link to mine." If you really like someone's blog and want your readers to know about it, just link to it. People will return the favor without you asking them to.

    Good luck!

  3. I'm all about Humor. Been doing my site AtomicGator for almost a year and a half and turned it into a job as Head Writer at

    I always enjoy reading other funny blogs and having others enjoy mine..

    Networking is also always good.. I'll head over to your site, your's too plasticdaffodils

  4. I've been doing my humor blog Maxim's Madness for about 4 months, and I got to say, the response from the wordpress community has been more than I could of hoped for. Would love to hook up with some more humor writers for some collaborative action!

  5. I like your blog. It's like mine but better. And not as lefty. But still pretty lefty.

    Here. You judge.

  6. Checked it out, funny stuff! I wouldn't say our blogs are similar at all. Yours is ten times more crazy. I should give my madness title to you. I'll change my blogs name to just Maxim's Nothing.

  7. jamesjohansson

    Thanks for the help and replies everyone! I've perused all your various links and it's some good stuff. I'd get a little more in-depth, but I'm swamped with work at the moment. I'll try to go down the list with some "brief" replies though:

    @plasticdaffodils: Yeah, I totally agree about asking people to link your own site, a bit self serving for my tastes. My hope is that if you're motivated by having fun with it and meeting other writers, rather than caring about climbing the ladder, the rest will fall into place. And, if it doesn't, then that wasn't your goal anyway so it's no failure. Thanks for the tips on how/where to submit content! That's some of what I was looking for when posting here.

    @atomicgator: I love the Calvin & Hobbes icon/Spaceman Spiff theme. I was an only child, so my dog and Calvin & Hobbes were my siblings. That's kinda fucked up, isn't it? How did blogging lead you into an actual job, if you don't mind my asking? That's the dream, so I'm curious how it happens for those who are lucky enough for ... it to happen to. Does it involve the cage fighting you wrote about? If so, I've got pretty good reach and reasonable core strength, but I think I lack the necessary mass and center of gravity.

    @maximsmadness: Oh, I wouldn't say they're too dissimilar. I'm already picking up on a narcissistic drive to be Nelson Mandela-famous/loved (without any of the suffering), and an ability/handicap to view all things through a Star Wars-colored lens. And I'll take the madness bit as a compliment, despite the fact that all the shit I write comes from a pretty honest place in my brain. I don't care what's wrong with me, as long as it's sort of funny. Doesn't even have to be ha-ha funny.

    @greatlakessocialist: I haven't had a ton of time to peel through yours, but I've picked up on a few things. You're: A. Teen-aged. B. Socialist. and C. Australian. Now, while I did spend a few years (1998-2004) being a teenager, I have never been Australian or a Socialist (unless you ask my father), so that is interesting to me. Also, you're a solid and disciplined writer. I've read a few Australian sites - Australians are good writers. There's a certain quirkiness to the style. That's a total stereotype, but I don't give a shit. What's "totz maggot?" I'm American. I'm assuming it means "fucked up." Also, thanks for saying you like it!

    Also, I put up a new post today, if anyone's interested:

  8. @james johansson

    I suspect that everyone's blog on this thread is somewhat like mine, to a certain extent, and that all of you may, or may not be me. This revelation confuses me.

    But thank you for the compliments, I like being associated with good stereotypes, and feel unconscious and probably unhealthy urges to live up to "Crocodile Dundee" stereotypes whenever a foreigner comes around. It's probably psychological.

    As for maggot, it's an Australian colloquial expression with a good definition here by Urban Dictionary:

    1. A term (in Australia) that refers to alcoholic intoxication, but specifically to a level of drunkeness that includes loss of co-ordination, vomiting and soiling yourself.

    1. "I drank so much last night! I was fucking maggot!"

    Also, totz is an abbreviation of total and/or totally.

  9. @maxim.

    Don't change the name. Alliterations make for better titles, and your content is still quite mad.

  10. I started a very similar forum post a couple of days ago.

    Yours has seemed to get a bit more attention! This is such a great idea. I've just started getting into the blogosphere. Like you, mine started out as writing funny emails to friends and they told me to create a blog. Now I'm slowly getting wordpressers reading it and I'm getting mad into reading other blogs.

    I'm all about linking with other humour [Australian/correct spelling] writers, getting tips, giving feedback, linking sites. It's all fun and inspiring!

    I'm at work, but I intend to check out all of the posters blogs later on. Hope you check out my Chronicles!

  11. PS - I'm with Great Lake Socialist - alliteration is killer.

  12. @creeped r u sayin us mispellin blog writers r not welcum? T_T

  13. jamesjohansson

    Hey creeped - thanks for subscribing. I read your first couple of posts (I'm at work, so my guilt-mechanism kicked in ... but not too hard, cause now I'm writing on this forum). I like your cliffhanger-style narrative. Definitely makes me want to keep reading. In some ways, I had a similar kind of project with, in that it was an inherently finite project based around one pretty ridiculous person. It can be a lot of fun and a good exercise. At the end, though, I found myself needing something a bit more permanent. I thought about sticking with Sorry, Dave and just writing whatever I wanted - it's kinda cool when a blog has a bizarre name with story behind it. In the end, I opted for a different blog altogether. I guess my point is, yours doesn't have to really end with this dude's story. The jumping off point is the hardest part, I think.

    Also, didn't mean to steal your thunder on the forum topic. I think it was the exclamation point. People love those.

    Just to satiate my curiosity, how many of you are Australian? Am I big in Australia? Will I get a show with Elijah Wood?

    All right ... back to work.

    P.S. - I put up a new post today, any feedback is welcome (click my username).

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