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Blank emails

  1. Not sure if you went back to read the other issues that started along with the blank email and IE problem. So here it is again.

    When I use Safari to log into my WordPress blog, in the password box, it doesn't even show that I am typing anything. No ***** or black dots in place of the hidden password that I'm typing. However, if I log in with IE, it has the black dots as I'm typing the password. That problem also started yesterday with these other ones.

    Do you see any connection?

  2. Which version of Safari are you using?

  3. I'm going to do a restore to a few days ago. I'll log back on here and update my status for these problems.

  4. Safari is 5.1.5

    Just did a restore and it didn't fix anything.

    Also on the IE problem with the other blog, it gives a pop-up window that says "a problem displaying caused IE to refresh the webpage using Compatibility View"

    I've changed the view settings but that hasn't corrected the problem.

  5. Just found another blog to view in IE. This one comes up completely blank. Not even a title nor did it give the compatibility pop-up error. Here's the link.

    It views fine in Safari.

  6. I need to know the URLs of the blogs you're looking at.

  7. I sent them yesterday. They're in this discussion stream above. However, it doesn't matter now because last night, I restored my PC to a date farther back and it fixed the problem. Still don't know what caused everything to become corrupted but I fixed it with the restore.

    Thanks for trying anyway. You can consider this issue closed.

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