Blank event iFrame in Eventbrite multi event theme

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    First, thank you for this theme, I really needed something like this
    Unfortunately, I’ve got a very annoying problem with it.

    Front page, next events, featured events and calendar are enabled.

    The connection is done, and the events appear in the site.

    The problem is that when you click on an event some part of the info is there but the purchase part is hidden.

    I guess is the iFrame that doesn’t work well (sometimes it does).

    The problem is not only that you can’t buy a ticket directly from the site (you could use the link to go to Eventbrite), but is also that you have a big blank zone on the post before the presentation text, visitors see there’s something missing.

    What could be the reason of this ?

    Is there something I could do ?

    Thanks by advance for your answers.

    The blog I need help with is



    OK, I’m with this problem since 2 days and, now that I posted this topic, I see that it’s working.
    I’ve got no explanation but i’ts working.



    Well, I see that it’s happening again.
    On some computers (mac or PC) and smartphones the purchase bloc is blank.

    That’s a real problem.
    Is someone else having this problem, and could somebody help ?



    Really ? Nobody has this problem ?
    I tried to open a page on Internet Explorer, and it says something like : “Only secured content is visible, do you want to see unsecured content too ?”.

    When you click “yes” The Eventbrite block appears.

    Do you have an idea ?
    Coiuld it be a domain problem ?

    Please this is important.



    To be more precise :
    – it works on my Firefox / Mac (only when i’m disconnected from WordPress)
    – It works on my Safari / Mac
    – It doesn’t works on Chrome (my Mac / other person PC)
    – It works on IE when you click on “see it all” message.



    iFrame is not officially supported on There is a plugin, but it’s also not allowed on .com. The solution they point to is set up a hosted WordPress site elsewhere.



    I was talking about an built-in feature existing in the Eventbrite theme (the “purchase” block).
    I’m not even sure it uses an iFrame.

    Anyway, the problem seemed related to the url that used to begin with “https” before I changed the domain to my own.

    Now it works !

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