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Blank gaps appear in pages

  1. Long pages develop blank gaps after several days.

  2. How are you posting? Are you pasting things in from elsewhere on the web without stripping the tags first? If so, that's probably your problem.

    And could you give us a direct link to somewhere that the problem has developed? One specific page?

  3. (er, that blog seems to be simply copying and reposting material from other sites. Just sayin'... )

  4. I didn't read it that closely, but that's quite possible, and entirely illegal.

  5. Much is original.
    All copy and paste is done through a text editor to strip the tags.
    Some is done in the html option.
    I cannot immediately link to an example page as I have just finished removing the blank spaces.
    So... any other thoughts on why this may be happening?

    N.B. "justjennifer" and "raincoaster": The blog is a resource, and more or less a mirror of
    It is NOT illegal as it simply takes relevant extracts and provides original source; many of which provide a link-back. i.e.

  6. Then you may need to know that staff have requested that if sites here are mirrors of sites elsewhere, that they be set to private.

  7. Aargh... just wipe it off the server than, raincoaster.
    I'll mention it around for you. Be interested to know what Anthony thinks of that.

  8. Who's Anthony?

  9. Who's raincoaster?
    Kill it, pal.
    And the SillyBooks blog while you're in spring-clean mode.

  10. I have no powers of life and death; I'm just a forum volunteer. But who the hell is Anthony? Are you talking about Toni?

  11. If you're not the executioner, raincoaster (and you are not involved enough to know who I mentioned), mebbe you could just help me with my problem of white spaces?
    I have always figured WordPress is the class act in blogs; so if we can roll on past the gratuitous put-downs and just get the problem solved I will be most obliged.

  12. Blank spaces beginning to appear again in
    Also hot-link bleeds - that is plain text following a hyperlink becomes all hyperlinked.

  13. I'm looking at the html for the first post on your blog, and I don't know where exactly to start since there appears to be so much wrong in it. I'm also not sure exactly what white space you are referring to. If you can give me a little more of an idea what white space you are talking about, I will try to help.

    Also hot-link bleeds - that is plain text following a hyperlink becomes all hyperlinked.

    On the link issue, simply open the post for edit, highlight the additional text which should not be linked and press the break link icon (broken chain) in the visual editor. Just a suggestion, but what I do is put in the entire post, make any corrections or edit, and then go back through and do any formatting and links I need to right before publishing by highlighting the text and then clicking the format button. It keeps issues like this from happening.

  14. One other note about copying and pasting: If you copy and paste from other sources you might very well bring in bad HTML when you paste it into your blog. There are a huge number of bad html tags (such as <em/> - it should be as well as some badly coded strong tags as well.

    In some instances where there are many blank lines between paragraphs, there are repeated div tags wrapped around incorrect ending em tags (<em/>).

    There are also a lot of MS office specific style tags which wordpress doesn't know anything about. WordPress should simply ignore them, but one never knows for sure.

    By adding to this post over and over and over again, it is creating compound errors and due to the length of the post, it isn't going to be easy to fix. Basically it is going to end up requiring you to go through the HTML a line at a time from the beginning of the post to the end of it correcting the bad code, and taking out the stuff that isn't valid or that is MS office specific.

  15. sillybooks, I haven't put you down. I gave you that information so you could set the blog to private if that's what the situation demanded; much better than losing a blog. I don't really have a dog in this fight.

    Like I said here
    it looks like you're copy pasting. Whatever text editor you're using to strip the tags is not working. Have you read this:

  16. thesacredpath: Thanks, pal. I have copied all the information you have provided and feel it is what I need to wrangle this thing back into shape.
    The white gaps or spaces seem to simply appear long after posting. A nicely formatted series of posts will just suddenly become spread with gaps up to half a screen deep - perhaps this will not happen when I have followed your advice. ...Roger

    raincoaster: Okay.

  17. You're very welcome, and happy blogging.

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