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    If you take a look at my site menu, you’ll notice that at its leftmost side, there’s a blank/dummy item. This can be seen if you hover the mouse at the menu’s leftmost end. Clicking has no effect. Can anyone tell me how to remove this? What is it?

    The blog I need help with is mcdonaldcentre.org.uk.



    The “Home” tag is not a blank or dummy tab. No matter which page a visitor is in on your blog clicking “Home” will direct back to the front back of the blog. This is normal behavior.



    ~~timethief :-)

    I think mcdonaldcentre is referring to the blank space just left of “Home” that changes color when you hover but does nothing when you click on it. I saw it too and my best guess is that it’s just a bug with the theme.



    I see what you mean by dark space just prior to “Home” but I’m using Firefox 3.6.13 and hovering over that space does not profuce a color change in my browser.


    Yeah, I vote for bug. Don’t know if it has always been that way or not. I glanced at the CSS and didn’t immediately see anyway to fix it.

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