Blank Lines in a Numbered List

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    I’m having some difficulty when it comes to the format of a post.

    I’ve created a list, and with it are thumbnail images. I want to create a spacing between 1, 2, and 3 (so the images aren’t on top of one another).

    I have tried code that I’ve found from previous support postings:
    <div style=”height:20px;”></div>
    <p> </p>

    However, none seem to have any effect…even if I copy and paste a few in a row. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    You need coding for tables, not lists. One possibility out of several:

    <table cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" border="0">
    <td valign="top">&nbsp;</td>
    <td valign="top">TEXT_HERE</td>
    <td valign="top">IMAGE_CODE_HERE</td>

    (Repeat for the rest of the text+image pairs.)



    Thank you for the suggestion. While I’m learning more about HTML coding, this is just too much for me to do or understand at this time.

    I will change the way I typed my entry and not use a number list.

    Thank you.


    You’re welcome.

    Complicated formatting is impossible without html, and tables in particular are very useful for all sorts of arrangements. A table is a group of cells arranged in rows and columns. Each cell can contain any data, e.g. text (incl. further html) or the code for an image. Basic example:


    That’s two rows of three cells each – hope it’s clear. (From table to slash-table is the complete thing, from tr to the nearest slash-tr is one row, from td to the nearest slash-td is one cell.)

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