Blank post that can’t be deleted.

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    On my blog ( ) I have a post that can’t be deleted. It’s the first post in the series, does anyone here have an idea as to why it can’t be?


    What’s the name of the post that will not delete or a link to it?

    Does it show up in manage > posts? If so, can you click edit and edit it? If so, then try deleting it again.

    If not, try clearing your browser cache and force reloading the page. If it does not show up under manage > posts, and force reloading does not make it go away, then try creating a new post with exactly the same name and deleting it. In some instances this has caused both to go away.



    It has an ID of 0, no name. When I attempt to edit, “You attempted to edit a post that doesn’t exist. Perhaps it was deleted?”.

    That’s with both the browser cache cleared an a forced cache refresh of the page.


    Does the post show on your blog?



    It displays as, “Filed under: Uncategorized | 0 Comments” Without a title, date or body.


    The 0 at the bottom? I clicked it and it leads back to the home page and not a particular post. Hmm. Did you do your own css design? But I don’t know.



    Nope, it’s a default theme.


    I think your best bet would be to contact staff and let them know the ID on the post (since it does not have a name), along with your blog URL (starting with http:// and your user name and see if they can straighten it out for you. (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Pacific time) or using the “support” button in the upper right of your dashboard.



    Thanks thesacredpath, I’ll do that tomorrow (as that’s Monday).


    You’re welcome and best wishes for a happy outcome.



    Strange things, the post is now gone from both the public view and dashboard. How odd.


    It could be that it just righted itself somehow, or it could be that staff saw this thread and fixed it. Regardless, it’s fixed so that is good.



    Whoever that did it, thank you God of WordPress or whatever you may be.

    Thank you TheSacredPath also (once again).


    You’re welcome.

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