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Blank wp-pass.php after entering password in Firefox

  1. I have put a password on a post of mine, but in Firefox when I enter the password I end up at a blank wp-pass.php page in the URL and a white page. If I go back to the post and refresh, I can see the content, but immediately after entering the password I am stuck at a blank page in the browser, there is no redirect.

    Does anyone know the problem here or if this is a planned fix? It works fine in IE and Opera, but in Firefox I always get stopped on the blank wp-pass.php page after I enter the password.

  2. What is the full address to the login link please?

  3. it's my blog, the top post...

  4. No one? :)

  5. What extensions are running in FF?

  6. I think it's something that only staff can resolve. Mark is staff, but he's probably asleep right now or off work. Hopefully another staff member is picking up where he left off.

  7. rain - nearly :)

  8. Well, it's doing the same thing in other people's Firefox too, on computers with standard Firefox configuration.

  9. Where are you? At work? Behind a firewall?

    We have tens of thousands of Firefox users so it's not the browser. It's something in it.
    What extensions are running?

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