Blaskan Theme Commenter Avatars wrong size in "Recent Comments" sidebar widget

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    Here’s an interesting anomaly. Yesterday, I changed three of my blogs to the Blaskan theme. All three blogs are set to have sidebars with the same widget sets that I have edited for continuity across the blogs.

    The “Recent Comments/Shared Thoughts” sidebar widget is not updating the right commenter Avatar size. It is stuck at its current size no matter what size I choose and save while editing the widget. I have tried changing the theme and changing it back and also removing and editing the Widget to no righting effect.

    My and blogs are set up with the same widget sets and there’s no problem with the commenter Avatars getting resized.

    On, perhaps, a similar note… in the Rich Text/Visual post editor for the Boles Blues blog, all the hotlinks are BRIGHT BLUE — even if they have been visited — while Go Inside and Urban Semiotic and the other blogs all reflect a “visited” status for previously viewed links.

    Can a staff member do some sort of backend whammying to reset the Boles Blues Blaskan theme for me to correct these problems? Everything seems to be in a cached saved state for the theme and widgets no matter if I change/delete themes and widgets.

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is



    It’s fixed, thanks! Commenter Avatars and now the correct size and the visual edit window is now properly behaving. I change the status to resolved.

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