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    I tried to change my both my Blog picture and my Gravatar without success.
    When I try to change my blog picture, I removed the current picture, and uploaded my new image.
    When it finished uploading it still keeps showing me the old picture.
    I did some researching and some people have stated that it takes some time
    to go though.. Wouldn’t it show me that the new picture had at least been successfully uploaded?

    Second my Gravatar.
    I tried changing it, and when I got to “change Gravatar”, I click on the button and
    a bar comes up to indicate uploading, after 10 minutes it still has not uploaded.
    In the window (where you type in your destination address) the blue bar keeps going back
    and forth like it is uploading, but without success.

    Please send help.
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello there,

    After a couple of hours, I checked and both my Blog Picture and Gravatar were changed!.
    I signed up on and I think that did the touch.
    I believe that it takes some more time to show up in the address box!
    Thanks wordpress!!



    I did this:

    1) Removed Avatar
    2) Logged out
    3) cleared the Firefox cache
    4) Logged in
    5) uploaded a new avatar
    6) cropped it
    7) and submited it

    and it was showing the old avatar again :-/



    and when I posted this post, the avatar was changed. I guess wordpress takes some time before it absorbs the avatar changes.


    The avatar and blavatars take some time to work through all of the wordpress servers and how long depends entirely on server loads and such. With the blavatars, I’ve seen it take up to 24 hours.



    I’m not sure what I did wrong, but my gravatar is not showing after about 5 days. In my wordpress profile, “My Gravatar” shows the gravatar symbol … clicking on “change your gravatar” opens a dialog window up that shows the gravatar I uploaded, but does not show anywhere on the site.

    If anyone has had this problem let me know … thank you,



    I’m having the same problem. My gravatar and blavatar show in my profile and dashboard, but not anywhere else. The correct image also shows on the site. Hmmmmmm. It’s been five days.


    I tried to change my gravatar after i added a new mail-adress. then i found out, that i can upload a gravatar for each adress and uploaded another one for the other adress. now wordpress doesn’t show any gravatar?! there is still the ugly wordpress squares-thing. now i tried to set the same image for both mail adresses, but nothing changed. my gravatar-problem takes now one week already – it can’t take that long… there’s also noch chance to get my old gravatar back. what can i do?



    My gravatar and blavatar also show in my profile and dashboard, but no longer show anywhere else. The correct image also shows on the site. I haven’t changed my images in some time, so something else has gone wrong.



    And I should have said that the image I used is rated G, so it should be showing on all sites.



    I tried changing my Gravatar months ago through my Dashboard in both the Profile and General Settings areas, but it still doesn’t show up (apart from within my Dashboard). I would really like it to display as I think it’s interesting to see them, but to be honest, I’ve given up hope of mine ever showing up! :(



    same problem..

    tried changing
    but now its blank.



    ok.. wow, that just changed it.
    but my blog is still having its problem..



    I tried changing my blavatar 24 hours ago and still nothing is showing up, I just tried to upload it again and so far nothing still, any idea on what is going on?



    I should also mention that the crop is also not working correctly, the square that is there won’t change in size or move what so ever.



    So, after reading all of these concerns, I see no solution from WordPress. I am new to WP (my main blog is on Google, but I like the WP platform better, so I am thinking of moving it over.)I uploaded a picture which is not showing up when I make comments on other WP blogs. Is there a solution here?




    I see an avatar. What picture did you upload, that we should be seeing? And did you upload it as a Gravatar, Avatar, or Blavatar?



    I am frustrated. I want to see my Gravatar or Avatar or Blavatar on my Iphone. Totally confused! I may try to go directly to the gravatar site. That is what one person posted



    Now this is interesting. If you move the cursor over your Avatar, it may show the hand etc for a link on some and not on others Avatar. Well for example my Avatar does not go to site etc. It is static. Think that this is a key element to the unsolved problem



    But dont you guys this this is ridiculous? If my readers don’t flush their cache, will they still see my older photo

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