Blavatar is not mine.

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    I have noticed when posting comments, the little blavatar that appears next to my post is not the one I have uploaded. It is either a little bug/monster or a geometric pattern. Why is this and how do I fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    > Settings > Discussion

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and locate this section:


    Select your preferences there and then click “Save Changes”.


    Thanks for a quick reply. I will try it out.



    Um, Blavatar and Avatar are two different things. You need to upload an Avatar. You do that on your Profile page. Your Blavatar is like a symbol for your blog, and you upload that on the specific blog’s dashboard, on the right-hand side where it says Blog Picture.



    Oh! … :( I use my gravatar image for both. Maybe I need a special blavatar image … hmmm what will it be?


    whatever it is, you see how you folks have a neat little picture next to your posts, and mine is a stylized swastika? I want my neat little picture to appear. I have tried what timethief suggested, and been testing it on the Avatar Test page, but no luck.



    Avatars do take awhile to propagate throughout You can also try uploading directly at

    You can see the difference between a Gravatar (also called Avatar) and a Blavatar on my blog where the stylized S is the Blavatar, representing that specific blog and the Eagle Moon Eye is my own personal Avatar.


    Well, I have uploaded in the profile section. I notice that my image appears next to my comments in other user’s blogs, but doesn’t seem to be showing up here in the forums.



    How long ago did you upload the image?

    These are the best practices for uploading your gravatar:

    (1) Prepare the image prior to uploading it and make sure it’s no larger than 128 pixels X 128 pixels square.

    (2) The image filetype has to be either PNG, GIF or JPG. Make sure the file name contains only letters and numbers – no special characters – and make sure all letters are in lowercase.

    (3) Also make sure the image file name has an extension (Example – image.jpg)

    (4) Note that there is a time delay while your gravatar image propagates. If you are experiencing problems then go to the gravatar site and read the FAQs as it contains common questions and answers to them



    It can take a day to show up, but usually it turns up in the forums first. If it’s showing on comments, that means you’ve been successful and just need to wait it out.

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