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Blavatar not used as Home Screen icon on an iOS device

  1. Hi

    I believe the following my be a bug/oversight:

    A sites "Blavatar" is not used as a Home Screen icon on an iOS device when that site is viewed in Mobile version/view.

    At lease the above is true for my site (Theme: Twenty Ten) when using Mobile version.

    Can one please conform or deny this problem. Thank you.

  2. All iPhone app questions should be posted on the iOS forum vbut you may want to contact Staff if you cannot find an answer there.
    Contact Staff >

  3. Hi

    My question is not related to any iPhone app.

    My question concerns the placement of a Home Screen icon on an iOS device when viewing a blog on such a device ie

    * A WordPress,com blog has a "Blavatar" set-up eg
    * View said blog on an iOS device in Safari (by default the blog will be shown in "Mobile Site" mode).
    * "Add to Home Screen".
    * Said blog "Blavatar" is not used as the Home Screen icon (apple-touch-icon). This is the bug/oversight I am reporting.
    * Now view said blog in "Full Site" mode.
    * "Add to Home Screen".
    * Said blog "Blavatar" is used as the Home Screen icon (apple-touch-icon).

    Please let me know if I've not explained the issue in a clear manner. Thank you.

  4. We Volunteers cannot help you. We answer support questions only. We don't have an answr for you. Please contact Staff >

  5. Done! Contact form filled out & sent...

  6. Best wishes for a speedy reply and fix. :)

  7. Hey green63026,

    We'll see what we can do to incorporate the Blavatars when adding a shortcut to the blog in iOS, shouldn't be too hard but we'll have to investigate further.

  8. Hi ievolver

    Thanks! For the reply & taking the time to look into this :)

    I look forward to the time when Blavatars work correctly with Mobile Themes.

  9. thecoffeeshopne

    This would be fantastic.
    Looking forward to seeing it happen.

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