Blavatar or Avatar?

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    Really sorry if this is a stupid question, but what’s the difference between the two? Can I have just the one pic (my uploaded pic) as both?

    And what is a gravatar?!

    The blog I need help with is


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    Avatars are the same as gravatars, just that originally gravatar was a “global” avatar before Automattic (wordpress) bought Gravatar. Now they are one in the same. Avatars are linked to your user account, which means that when you are comment on a blog here, or anywhere that supports gravatars, your avatar will show up next to your comment.

    Blavatars are wordpress.COM’s name for a favicon, the little icon/picture that appears next to your blog URL in the address bar in a browser (and sometimes in tabs in some browsers) when at your site. You can thing if it as your blog’s avatar [BL]avatar.

    You can upload different images for each, or you can make them the same, it is up to you.

    Avatars (your personal one) can be uploaded under users > your profile.

    Blavatars (your blogs avatar) can be uploaded under settings > general (blog picture).


    I’m too slow this morning.


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    1tess and thesacredpath: thanks very much for your very efficient replies! I understand it now (and I’ve linked my blog to my username too)


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    Glad to help!


    Excuse my ignorance, but should my avatar appear when leaving comments on others blogs? Because all I see is the “blank man.” Help, please.


    It can take up to several hours, sometimes longer for the avatar change to be registered on all of the wordpress servers. Also, if you are on a self-hosted wordpress blog, rather than one hosted here, it will depend on whether they have avatars/gravatars enabled.


    What about the avatar appearing on sites? Or, does it only appear in those who have wordpress?


    It would only appear on blogger blogs if they have things set up to use gravatars. If they do not support gravatars, then your avatar will not show up on blogger blogs.


    Thanks thesacredpath! You’re super helpful!

    Another question: Is there a way to get ANY image to show up on blogger blogs? It seems they have the signature blogger B before their blog name and then an image or picture next to the comment.

    I’m just a virgin blogger myself, so, I’m getting used to all of this…


    You have to sign up with blogger/google, and then you can upload an image.


    So, if I already have a gmail account, I can just upload a picture in my “settings” and this will be the avatar that appears when I leave a comment in someone’s blogger blog? Or, is something completely different that I’d have to sign up for?


    When on a blogger blog looking at the comments, in the right hand section should be a sign-in box. You should be able to sign in there with your gmail account, and then edit your profile and add an image.

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