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    I tested uploading a picture for my blavatar and decided I wanted to change it.
    The settings screen indicates that I have changed it and it shows the new blavatar on the setting page.
    However when I am on my blog the tabs and toolbar both display the older blavatar.
    I have tried clearing my cache and various methods suggested but they don’t seem to work.


    The blog I need help with is



    same problem here



    Blavatars often take several hours to spread around the internet. What should we be seeing on your blogs?



    The icon in the tab that displays next to the address (in Firefox) should show a miniaturized version of my avatar here. I changed it long ago from white background picture to my avatar one… But it has been around a day or so. It still remains as the old picture. I see the same thing on my tool bar where it is next to blog info.



    There is some little pale thing on my address bar – getting the image to your browser or to have the old image replaced is a bit problematic and does not always work like the book says – can take several visits for the change to take – depending on the browser –

    I changed things on a self hosted site of mine and it still took several visits for the little icon to update in my browser. The update seemed to be a sticky browser thing at times from what I found at the time.



    ac730, I see your new blavatar. You could be looking at a cached version of your page.



    Really? My tabbed window still shows a pale image of my old one. The blavatar should have distinct blue on it. But I’m still not sure why it’s the previous one.

    I’ve looked on my iPod and shows the same thing. The one I want is my gravatar picture, the same one picture showing here. I’ve cleared my cache and no changes… Unless I didn’t do it correctly.


    This is just a suggestion, but I’m on wireless internet, which is 1.5mb if I’m lucky, and I’ve gone to your site twice to have a look, but both times I’ve cancelled out because you have so many images and so many posts on the main page, that it takes quite literally forever to load. That is a big turn off not only for visitors, but also for search engines which not take page size and load times into account when calculating page rank.

    My suggestion is to go to settings > reading and change the number of posts to show on the blog pages to 5. Right now, no matter how much great stuff you might have on your blog, I would simply not wait for it to load. I would cancel and go elsewhere.

    Also, I suspect your images have not been optimized for the web. Web images really should never be over 75k file size. Since I never waited for any of your images to load, I can’t tell how large they are, but from the slow loading, I expect they might be over 200k each – or more.



    Ok I think it has fixed itself now.

    And thanks for the advice! I’ll be changing them tonight.
    Big task at hand.


    You’re welcome, and good luck.



    While just replacing one or two photos… I’ve noticed the blavatar has regressed back to the previous one…

    What happened?
    It was fine before, my new one was up and when I reloaded the page it went back to the previous one.



    I think I also have the same problem. Created the blog yesterday ( and set up blavatar (top is small NWIEP with lot of white space at bottom). Realised this was poor so created new logo with “NW” on top with “IEP” underneath.

    I’ve waited over a day now and still old version being shown. Using IE8.

    Any ideas or are people seeing new version?


    @neilhind, there seems to be something going on with blavatars in the last couple days. If you happen to be using IE, it is really reluctant to let go of favicons (blavatars). My suggestion is to log out of wordpress, clear the browser cache and cookies, restart the browser and then again immediately clear cache and cookies, restart again and then take a look. I’m seeing a blavatar with nw at the top and iep (light grey) on the bottom.

    @ac730, I’m seeing sort of a greyish avatar, probably your old one.

    It it is still showing your new on in your dashboard, then contact staff directly at .



    Nice logo. I see the new blavatars for both your blogs.



    Thanks for comments. Tried the cache clear/reboot etc and still showing old blavatar for me. However, if others are seeing the new one then not too concerned.



    I still see the white/greyish avatar for me, but raincoaster can see the new one? The new one should have blue on it.

    So I’m a little confused. But same here, if you can see the new blavatar I’m fine with it as well with others seeing the new one but I can’t.



    I can see the blue one both in your URL adress and in your pages.



    same problem, it’s been three days now still the old blavatar won’t change, i used different browsers, different laptops to no avail. it does changes in the settings but that’s it, i suspect that the issue is on the server side.

    here’s the favicon, it’s mostly a black square, but it should be same as my gravatar



    This should be resolved. Please see my answer for another thread for an update.

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