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    Hello, I’m new to, and I’ve been getting a feel for the site and how things work. Today I uploaded a Blavatar, but it doesn’t look good and it is not the image I want. I tried to remove the image in the General Settings tab, but the image appears to be “stuck.” I tried to upload a new Blavatar image, but the small picture in the browser and next to the Info tab stays the same. Why is this image not being removed? I’ve tried emptying my browser’s cache, reset Safari, and still the image persists. I tried to upload both as .jpeg and .png, and at 128 x 128, but still nothing will change. Is there a waiting period where the image needs to be approved?
    A small issue, but it is very aggravating to me. I’m very technical about settings like this, and I want them to work correctly. Especially if I plan on purchasing extras for my blog.

    Any help, please?

    The blog I need help with is



    When we upload and image to be used as a blavatarr (favicon) that image does not instantly display. It can take days to appear. When you keep uploading images you are delaying that process.


    When I uploaded the very first Blavatar image, it appeared instantly. I’m not spamming with different uploads. It’s the removal that I’m having an issue with. When I click “Remove Image,” it loads to a blank page with the top/side tool bar and nothing has changed. Is there a waiting process for simply trying to remove your image? Why can this take days?



    Hello again,
    I’m sorry I did not correctly apprehend the problem was with the “remove image” function. Volunteers answering support questions on these forums cannot assist with techincal issues like this one as we do not have backend access to blogs. As it seems you need Staff assistance I have flagged this thread so it receives their attention.
    refernce link >


    It appears to have been removed now. I guess it was simply a matter of being patient! ;D
    Thank you for replying to my questions timethief. If any other issues occur, I’ll make sure to ask.



    You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. What I see now is the generic gravatar logo in the blavatar spot. Hopefully your own image will replace it soon but there are others who have waited days for the change to happen.

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