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  1. This seems very cool:
    You can use your avatar or a different image.
    It appears the new stuff is coming right now in bits and clicks...
    The Readomattic thingy is looking more interesting as I look at it more.

  2. Cool.

  3. My blavatar is a nice touch to my already HOT blog.

  4. The Blavatar feature is a very nice touch specially for
    my already popular blog. :)

  5. There were folks asking for this over the past year. But the image is so tiny you must choose a simple image that looks good so small. Sort of tricky to be memorable.

  6. Yeah, I can't tell what your is, but since you have food on your blog, I just assumed it was some type of food.

  7. it is a cool idea, but its too hard to discern the images when they are that small.

    i guess ill have to hunt for a micro symbol that can sum up social justice

  8. aw1923 and douglaskev,
    Right. Mine is a Japanese food blog, so I sort of thought the red bowl of ramen would work, but it's not really working. I'm on vacation for a couple more days and have a new computer w/o access to my older images of the old files…
    Nevertheless, it's interesting.
    Like poetry.
    Only you are using images as symbols.
    It's more difficult than it seems.

  9. Love the favicon, err, blavatar.

  10. I have a problem and need help. Alltough i removed my blavatar (because I didn't like it) it is still shown! Why can this be?

  11. gaspody: Doesn't show for me. Try clearing your browser's cache, or refreshing the page.

  12. omarmodesto: thank you so much. how simple...

  13. I did this but I can't see it!

  14. I can see it razzler

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