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  1. Dear sirs I address myself to you
    because i cannot figure out how to fix my avatar picture to appear on the likes i leave on other blogs
    My blog is
    whenever i leave a reply on a comment left on one of the above my picture appears correctly next to it ( as i meant to be) (See
    for example

    Whenever i leave a "like" or a comment on another persons' blog my favicon appears like My Grav most of the time ... or any other default by wp picture like or this

    How can i make it appear like Λιακαδα © ??????

    Please note down that on the page!/my-blogs/ the picture that I see next to each one is the one i want (Λιακαδα © )

    Kindly check if something is malfunctioning or if there is something wrong that I have made on the settings and let me know how to fix it.

    Sincerely yours
    Xeimwniatikh liakada

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which blog are you commenting on that does not show your avatar?

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