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blig blog reposted my post

  1. Help! I posted on my blog last night and was checking the stats this morning... In the incoming links section, I saw a title the same as the title of last nights post... So i clicked on it. It was my ENTIRE post over at with no link to my blog! I don't think I'd mind if they'd repost a single picture or comment on what I wrote and link to me, in fact, that would be great! But my entire post and no link back to me? Who the heck are these folks, the bottom of the page says that they are powered by wordpress. What do I do? Help!

    [Link broken - drmike]

  2. You may want to do a search here in the forums for copyright as it's been discussed many many times already.

    The site is hosted on I would direct a formal polite complaint with specific details towards them.

  3. Do you know of a good contact for them? I tried calling, but went directly to voice mail and the contact email space was too small to really do much explaining. I'm new at this blogging thing so am a bit surprised that this happened. thanks for the help.

  4. I'd start off with abuse@ and support@ as those addresses are requried to be read by a human.

  5. I just googled a couple of other topic titles on this same guys blog... and found them ripped from other peoples blogs, with no link back. Clearly, I'm not the only one with this problem. The other guy that I found was a wordpress blogger, too.

    That was the original post, this is the rip off

  6. Broke links again.

    Well we can't help you as you're the copyright holder. I'm afraid it's pretty much on your shoulders to follow up on this.

  7. That's fine... but it looks an awful lot like a wordpress site. Go to and tell me that doesn't look like your site. I clicked on the "W" to go back to wordpress like I can do on my site, and the URL isn't valid... and it didn't take my login or password... even though I knew that they were right. I was going to leave a comment for the poster. I've already changed my password as a result.

  8. WordPress is a software. Note that when you click on the 'W', it brings you to not (the site you're on currently) is a website that uses that software. I use it as well over at but that doesn't mean myself or is connected with They're just using the same software.

  9. how does anybody actually get in touch with these guys. i tried but it says whoops and won't let my message go through. how do i call or email [phone number removed - Mark]

  10. Dr Mike already said it's, so email abuse@ or support@.

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