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  1. I'm trying to embed a show from that I uploaded but wordpress keeps mucking up the embedding-code, converting it to short-code. And then when I hit preview or publish it completely ignores the embed code in all. Showing nothing.

    youtube-embeds work, but not

    I have successfully embedded the same video to a Blogger-Blog so I know it should work. Is there a way to disable the short-code until its functionality is back to normal, maybe? Because I think if wordpress would just keep its hands to itself and stop screwing with the html-code I put into the post then it should work, right?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. youtube-embeds work, but not

    That is correct. limits the kinds of embeds here, because our blogs share their inner workings with all other blogs using the same theme, meaning that you are always exposed to all of the security risks deemed acceptable by users of the same theme, no matter how dumb they may be.

    There is a list of accepted codes, and instructions for inputting a Blip video, in the Support documents.

  3. There is a list of accepted codes, and instructions for inputting a Blip video, in the Support documents.

    Which are....? Care to link? Because all I find is the standard shortcode answer, which doesn't work.

    I am mostly confused since I did do an embed from on the very same wordpress blog without any problem just a couple of weeks ago.

  4. See the part at the top of this page where it says "Need help? Check out our Support site.." Click that link (or this one):


    Remember: embed codes are sometimes disabled. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Regardless of what you're trying to embed, if WP has a shortcode for it, use the shortcode because that ALWAYS works.

  5. Also, don't forget the issue might lie with your blog, or with the particular video.

    Give us a link to your blog, starting with http, and a link to the exact video, starting with http.

  6. That is the very same guide I'm using (that's evidently NOT always working contrary to the promise).

    The blog in question is . I am not the owner, just a contributor.

    And the video is

    as an example I, as I mentioned, did do an embed without problem with this post:

  7. is the link to the actual blog. The link you gave does not resolve for me.

    As to the video, that particular video you wish to embed won't play for me either. It is either a corrupted file, or it has restrictions on it. If it has age or geographical restrictions, I don't think you can embed it successfully in a blog.

    Perhaps someone else with more specific suggestions will come along, but my advice is that if that's your video file, change the restrictions or upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and follow those embedding instructions.

  8. ok, I goofed on the link to the blog. But you managed to find it.

    And now... after trying fifteen or twenty times, it suddenly works. I don't know what I did differently. But it worked. So I guess that means it's resolved...

    I did do a quadruple-check again to make quintuply sure to see that the video was public and not private. It was Public. As expected. And suddenly it worked.

    As for geographical restrictions I am not aware that any are possible to choose. I have found nothing in the meta-data-editor in blip at least.

    This was all doubly confusing since the very same video would embed without any issues on my own blogger-blog. And the video would play fine both there and at the blip-site...

    But again... it seems that the issue was some sort of random glitch since it now works... and we might as well call it resolved.

  9. The video now works for me as well; obviously, it was something wonky at Blip that has now been fixed. Hopefully it won't recur.

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