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  1. Hello
    I use as my video host. They offer cross posting which works good, but I would like to embed videos in my blog like it is allready possible with google video or youtube. For now the HTML is not supported by the editor...Will it be possible to do that soon?

  2. I don't use this service so I can't tell you anything but it appears to be covered in their FAQ under point 12. Says something about a "regular (non-Flash) cross-post template." Granted I don't have a clue as to what they are talking about but you may want to look into this. :)

    Hope this helps,

  3. Is there still no way to embed video on a blog? I use them, too, and am quite interested.

    Donncha says they haven't got a video player yet but they're working on it.

  5. That video player is for uploaded videos.

    Um, point #12 is still listed on their FAQ as the solution. Have you looked into it?

  6. doh ... sorry

  7. Not a problem. I never understood Donncha either. :)

  8.'s FAQ point #12:

    "If you're using the hosted blogging service, some cross-post templates won't work at the moment. In particular, embedded flash videos will not play on blogs. We are working with to resolve this issue and should have the problem solved shortly. In the mean time, please choose a regular (non-Flash) cross-post template."

    I just sent an email to the people at blip. Just thought I'd check here, too. If blip responds I'll give their low-down here.

  9. Turns out cross-posting from is easy and works great, not broken like I thought.

    The prompt response from Mike at blip:

    "Hey Joe,

    You can do it easily through our cross-posting feature. Check out"

    I tested it and videos of mine that I'd uploaded to blip worked fine while embedded on my blog in either flash or quicktime format.


  10. I'm just amazed that you got a response from them. Seems like most of these startups, it's easier to pull teeth than to get a response to tech support.

  11. The latest from Mike at is that they'll be updating their FAQ -- as well as rolling out in the near future copy-pastable embed code specifically for blogs (this on top of their existing functional wordpress cross-post feature).

  12. Great! Thanks for sharing this. :D

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