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Blisterina Does It On Film

  1. I myself am an amateur film photog, so of course the blog is all pictures and ramblings. The ramblings you can ignore, but I'd love to get your feed back on the photography!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The bugs are trying to tell us something:

  3. The bearded iris as your next love:

  4. The Lance Corporal is off on his second deployment:

  5. We can all stop worrying about that silly oil spill now:

  6. Heartbroken young women make the worst decisions:

  7. Nature's artists at work again

  8. If it's gonna be bad, I'd rather get it over with:

  9. Old film wreaks havoc on innocent Statue of Liberty (well, a local facsimile, anyway):

  10. I'm a vegetarian, but not because I love animals:

  11. Learning to Admit It's Just a Bad Photo: A Cropping Misadventure -…ts-in-cropping

  12. A purple-faced man in a midnight blue skirt can make me wish for more:

  13. keep doing it on click snap shot...i'm read for my close up

  14. :D @webmistress27 -

  15. A historic log cabin, and rich guys get to name everything:

  16. Old leaf as self-portrait (sorta):

  17. Views of Port Townsend (that kinda look like old pictures):

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