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blix and categories

  1. Hello. I'm using the Blix theme. Two questions I can't find answers to- hope someone can help.

    1. Per post, how can I indicate/label under which category it belongs to? (ex. "posted under family news" at the end of the post)
    2. I tried activating the categories post count indicator via the configure window of the categories widget, but it won't appear in the sidebar. Is this a Blix glitch? I also activated the post count for the archives, it worked but placed the parenthesised count under the month not beside it, so I just removed it since it didn't look nice.

    thanks for any help.

  2. 1. It's theme dependent. And Bilx is one that doesn't support it. You might be able to do it with the CSS upgrade, but I don't know enough about CSS to know for sure.

    2. Again, displaying the count for categories is theme dependent. I tried on my test blog with Blix and no count. Changed to Ocadia and it was there. And the location of the count also seems to be theme dependent. Not sure about what can and can't be done with CSS on these.

    There's someone who volunteers pretty regularly on the forums that wrote a blog entry comparing the different themes. For the life of me, I can't remember who it is. Give me a few minutes to search for the link.

  3. suepr thanks, kat!

  4. You're welcome.

    Enjoy blogging here.

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