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    The “Archive” Page template for the Blix theme seems to have disappeared. Only the “default” and “contact” templates remain. The Archive template was a great way to list previous post titles by month on its own page.

    Any way to restore it?




    Hmm, I only have the Contact template as well.

    I’ll send in a feedback and see if we can get a staff member in here. :)

    Edit: Feedback sent.


    Thanks for your response. The archive template has returned as an option for Pages.

    However, the archive template no longer lists each and every post link by month, which was a great feature. Now it’s just blank, not even a simple monthly archive listing.



    Best bet would be to contact staff directly via feedback from your dashboard. Be sure to include a link to this forum thread to show we’ve discussed it. This is really a backend issue that’s out of our hands here in the forum.



    Is there an update on this issue? I tried using the “Archive” template but it doesn’t seem to work. Would be awesome if it did since I do maintain a manual archive page.

    Here’s the way it should work:




    Have you noted this?
    The archive template is still there but as you observed it does not work.
    The Misty Look theme has both archives and links page templates that do work.

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